University Centered International Platforms

on Innovation & Technology Transfer.



The UCIP project studies and tries to establish international technology transfer between Chinese universities (and their regional ecosystems) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (and the Brussels Capital region). Currently, we are matching a set of VUB research groups (or topics), technologies, and spin-off companies to Chinese counterparties. These counterparties may be universities, industries, governmental organizations, and investors.


Next to education and research, technology transfer and commercialization has become the third mission of universities. Technology transfer between universities internationally may increase the creation of regional and (inter)national societal and economic value UCIP contributes to strategic programs like Horizon 2020 and One Belt One Road (OBOR).


In UCIP, Vrije Universiteit Brussel collaborates with three of its trusted Chinese partner universities. The platform is open for other candidates. The success of UCIP relies on the involvement of Chinese and Brussels industries and governmental support.