"Give us something to assemble and we'll figure it out."


Aim of the Workshop

The aim of this workshop was to connect Chinese universities and their ecosystems to the VUB and the Brussels Capital Region ecosystem in terms of international technology transfer. The main topic was on the role of universities in EU-China innovation.

Activities of the Workshop

Pascal Coppens (Sinnolabs) elaborated on China's new normal being far from normal and compared EU-China perspectives on different levels. Hugo Roosevelt (VUB TechTransfer) enlightened VUB Technology Transfer practices.

In the afternoon session, our UCIP partners presented their side of the story, elaborating on their technology transfer practices and the role of their universities in their regional ecosystems. Jan Cornelis held a panel discussion on the role of universities in EU-China innovation.

Results of the Workshop

Our workshop succeeded in confronting EU and China perspectives on innovation and technology transfer. As a results, we extended our knowledge on the similarities and differences between European and Chinese technology transfer on different levels (laws and regulations, best practices, revenue sharing, and so on). These results allow for further collaboration between EU-China universities. In particular, the search for real-life cases on innovation and technology transfer has initiated.

Pictures from the workshop can be found here.