UCIP Mission 2017

"Looking for a match, looking for an equal partner."


Aim of the Mission

The goal of the China Mission 2017 was to trigger collaborations between Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), including its regional ecosystem, and Chinese counterparties. Chinese counterparties include universities and their ecosystem, governmental institutions, investors, and industries.

These collaborations are situated on mainly three levels:

  • Research level: pure research collaborations.

  • Technology level: mature technologies looking for commercialization.

  • Spin-off level: VUB spin-off company looking for growth.

Activities of the Mission

Within VUB we assembled and reviewed research, technology, and spin-off cases that were looking for a particular collaboration in China.

We visited following organizations to promote the UCIP project and to present our research, technology, and spinoff cases:

  • From Beijing: Chinagoub, Beijing Dongsheng Science Park, Renmin University of China, Tsingua University, Beijing Technology Market Association, Beihang University, Zhengzhou Government, Chinese Institute for Science and Technology Evaluation.

  • From Xi'an: Nortwestern Polytechnical University.

  • From Shanghai: Shanghai Tongji University, Shanghai Open University, Fudan University, Shanghai University.

  • From Chengdu: SUNFOR, Sichuan University, Office of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Chengdu, Sichuan Normal University, Rongtong Science Park.

Results of the Mission

Throughout our visits, we were able to create awareness on the UCIP project. We also explored a new Chinese region: Shanghai. We gathered contacts to be followed up for our individual cases. We are able to present some conclusions and findings on this mission. A document on this can be found here.

Pictures from the event can be found here.