Workshop on sustainable EU-China Technology Transfer

"Those who know, do."


Aim of the event

For a couple of years, we've been studying the practices of EU-China technology transfer. Nevertheless, we still lack understanding on the different perspectives of different stakeholders active in the practice. Through two workshops (one in Beijing and one in Xian) on "Sustainable EU-China Technology Transfer" we aim to clarify the expectations of different stakeholders and aim to jointly construct an international technology transfer model that fits everyone's needs.

Activities of the event

With the continuous focus on university innovation through governmental and university policies, we aimed to structure collaboration on technology transfer into a sustainable and broader model. We presented and deeply discussed this model, in the presence of key university, industry, and governmental stakeholders, since their participation and contribution in this model is key to its success.

Present at the workshops were:

  1. Academics involved in technology transfer practice/research or from the science and technology (or similar) department.
  2. Representatives from university technology transfer companies/institutions and/or university incubators.
  3. Regional or provincial governmental organizations.
  4. Regional industrial organizations (science parks, incubators, matchmaking organizations...).

Next to the workshops, we visited some incubators, technology transfer companies, universities, and other companies, in order to broaden the emerging EU-China technology transfer network.

Results of the event

Through two highly interactive workshops, we:

  • Reached a deeper understanding on technology transfer practices in China and Belgium
  • Identified the limitations and barriers for EU-China technology transfer practices.
  • Discovered the inter-linkages between Chinese and European universities and their regional ecosystem.
  • Set forward new cooperation modes on technology transfer (e.g. through mutual training).
  • Revisited our initial EU-China technology transfer model and operationalized some of the international technology transfer activities.

We thank Renmin University of China and Northwestern Polytechnical University for co-organizing the workshops in respectively Beijing and Xian.

Pictures from the event can be found here.